Light as air, a LUXMII white linen top harmoniously blends clean lines, perfect proportions and breathable natural fabrics to exude an effortlessly elegant spirit. Meticulously tailored from the purest organic linen, our tops are celebrated for their simplicity, lightness and longevity. All superfluous details, bells and whistles have been stripped back to create a timeless white linen top in its truest essence and form. The magic emerges in the subtle tailoring details that enrich the overall design of the white linen top and elevate it to classic status. Details such as deep v-necklines, stand-up collars and capped sleeves exude modern feminity. Team white with neutral creams, soft browns and light greys for a refined interpretation of luxury dressing. Or pair your white linen top with black trousers and exude business chic. Infinitely versatile, our tops will complete any outfit, whatever the season or occasion. Layer it with blazers and lightweight trench coats to transition through the cooler weather or savour the feeling of breathable linen on the skin during the summer. The minimalist design and white colour offer the ideal backdrop for enhancing the glamour of an outfit with statement accessories. Gold, silver and pearls never disappoint, while bright colours gift you with the opportunity to bring your personality into the spotlight.