Timeless, chic, modern and classic are words to describe yourself when wearing a black linen dress. Especially during those warmer months during the height of Summer, black linen dresses are a great alternative for those that love to wear black even when it's hot. Why? Because linen is lightweight, breathable and minimises your risk of sweating and overheating. Our range of black linen dresses grows season after season as we see the growing popularity and need for it. Dyed in our classic pure black shade, Luxmii Linen's fabric is Oeko-tex certified and comes in a range of different weights from light-weight linen, which is perfect for slip dresses and beach kaftans to mid and heavy weight linen, giving the black dresses are more formal and structured look. The black linen dress is your go-to for your next summer cocktail party or to wear to the office or work event in the Summer. Enjoy browsing through our thoughtfully designed black linen dresses, made with real women in mind and enjoy all of life's simple pleasures like pockets!