The traditional slip dress has served a rather different purpose to what has become of it over the past decades in the world of apparel and fashion trends. Once made from silk or satin in a very simple and straight cut, the slip dress was only ever worn underneath a dress or skirt in order to help the garments fall on the body properly as well as to help avoid that static cling around the legs when wearing synthetic fibres. The slip was and still is worn to protect the skin from chafing against coarse fabrics such as wool and additionally to help absorb perspiration from materials that don't allow the skin to breathe. Nowadays, the slip dress has been redefined as a fashion statement, to be worn on its own. Luxmii's linen slip dress collection takes a modern approach to the traditional slip by playing with unique features and cuts that are fashionable enough to wear on its own. The beauty of a linen slip dress has one benefit that no other slip dress can compare to and that's all thanks to the flax plant's unique moisture wicking property. In other words, the linen slip dress is highly absorbent in nature, which means there is no need to layer your dress with a slip when it's hot.