When Summer is in full swing, your linen wardrobe is out to play! When you find that perfect linen midi dress, it's a piece of clothing that you will want in every colour-way and on full rotation all season long. In fact, we are convinced that owning at least one linen midi dress is an essential part of any woman's summer closet! So why do we love them so much? Linen midi dresses are one of the most versatile pieces as they can be worn to both formal and casual occasions. Not to mention how office and work appropriate a conservative yet well designed linen midi dress can be. At Luxmii Linen we are huge advocates of the midi dress, so much so that the linen midi dress range is one of our fastest growing collections as they are one of the easiest pieces of clothing to wear not only during Summer but also throughout the entire year. During winter and transpersonal months, you can layer your favourite linen midi dress by pairing them with leggings, jackets and thermal regulating underwear. Enjoy our seasonless range of linen midi dresses!