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Linen's one of the strongest and oldest natural fabrics in the world, making it the perfect choice for everyday pants that you want to wear again and again. White linen pants have a reputation for feeling lightweight and delightful on the skin, even when it's hot or while you're on the move. This is because linen is thermo-regulating, so it keeps you cool on sunny days and warm on chilly nights. Our LUXMII Linens symbolise a new type of luxury one without glitz and glam but with plenty of quality. Hypoallergenic and made without harsh chemicals, our linen pants are ideal for anyone that's more sensitive and wants to take extra care of their health. Choose from relaxed white linen pants in a wide-leg shape for lunch plans or work. Or opt for sumptuously smooth capri pants that make lounging at home or running errands very chic. There are pants for every occasion with stretch cotton waistbands for days when you're ready to relax. Or go for fitted and belted designs, the ideal pick when you're looking for something more tailored. In an always trendy white colourway, our white linen pants will infuse a fresh, timeless feeling into any outfit.