Explore the best linen pants for Spring/Summer that blend unmatched comfort with understated elegance. 

Linen pants are pure magic for the warmer months and an elegant, breathable alternative to denim. They're just as versatile and, dare we say, more classic.

Our edit shows off the best linen pants, which can be dressed up or down with ease and will impress for whatever's on your calendar. These will outperform all the other pants in your closet and have you feeling like the Director of your own life, your own movie.

Below, discover the best linen pants made for walking, working and anything else you love to do while looking chic. 

Everyday linen pants

Our Giorno Linen Pants do it all, from the office to after-work Friday drinks. As dependable as you are whenever family calls, these linen pants will always help you look chic with little effort.

These everyday linen pants are a complete crowd pleaser, thanks to their relaxed fit, comfortable elasticated waistband and soft fabric that has to be touched to be believed—a joy for all-day wear. 

For the office 

Linen pants are here to break the misconception that professional dressing has to be uncomfortable and stiff. They're beautifully draped along the body, giving an elegant silhouette but still breezy enough to be a delight to slip into, even early on a Monday morning.

For a polished aesthetic, opt for white linen pants because the classics never die. Complement with a black linen top and add a black blazer for sharp definition. Oversized shapes and cropped blazers are a little more fashion-forward. They're a winner for business meetings and the most important business of all—being as you as possible. Complete the office look with gold or silver hoop earrings.

Pair linen pants with slingback pumps to create an elevated look. Depending on the amount of walking you'll be doing that day, either heeled or flat versions will be lovely.

For the weekend 

Glide through weekend life with flawless linen pants that keep you elegant, whether you've had no sleep or got plenty of hours. 

It's all about the stories we tell ourselves. No longer are you just running errands. Now, you're a productivity genius. Or grabbing iced coffees with friends. No, you're building a community, a network. With these pants, all the little tasks are a little sweeter and more elevated. 

Combine with a boxy white linen crop top that's more metropolitan and balances the relaxed fit of the bottoms. Or channel French style and pair white linen pants with a nautical-inspired striped tee and woven straw bag. A well-cut pair of linen pants is powerful like that. It can transport you to different countries, moods and even time travel. 

Wide leg wrap linen pants 

Our Zakai Wrap Linen Pants are so lightweight and breathable that they're a Spring/Summer essential. The split sides extend all the way up the leg, ensuring extra airflow and easy wear that'll make each movement feel graceful. Walking in wide leg pants is different. You'll glide and stroll in these breezy bottoms, oozing old-world elegance.

Decide between a neutral beige colourway or go for a chic, confident look with navy. Or don't decide at all and add both colours to your wardrobe and make this you, the most elegant you ever. 

Could navy be the new black? It's just as versatile but feels more summery. The colour conjures up memories of the seaside and royalty, which is always a bonus. 


For the office 

Wide leg pants, with even wider ambitions. Most wide leg pants are a reliable choice for work, and our navy linen pants are no different. They feature statement-making waist ties, in lieu of a belt. The side splits can be adjusted to make them office-ready and ensure you don't show any skin.

Make elegant moves by pairing navy linen pants with a crisp white button-down shirt. For extra warmth and elegance, layer with a navy blazer—polished Spring/Summer dressing inspired by the Europeans. A twist on the classic white and black office combo, white and navy, freshen up your professional uniform.

Tuck in the shirt for extra polish. Finish off with black flats or simple pumps and feel confident from 9-5. When the temperature gets high, style your linen pants with a navy vest and let your arms breathe while you gain endless fashion points. 

For the weekend 

You'll feel light and carefree in our Zakai Wrap Linen Pants—the perfect accessory for a slow weekend full of fresh food, visits to the farmer's market, and reading on the patio.

Balance the intensity of navy linen pants with a light blue T-shirt. For easy sophistication, pair it with a black ribbed singlet. Or finish the look with any of our endless selection of chic navy linen tops in sleeved and sleeveless options. 

Dress up these easy-wear bottoms with an off-the-shoulder top in any glistening material and dainty jewellery—ideal for going out when the stars come out. Thanks to the pants' slightly tapered cut, any shoes you wear will create extra buzz. Need help with footwear? Read our blog on what shoes to wear with linen pants for inspiration. 

There are endless pairings for navy. It really does redefine the meaning of versatility. It complements well with creams, browns, blacks, greens, pinks and many more. For a refined weekend look, pair navy pants with caramel browns. Leather slides and a light trench coat are contemporary pieces that move you effortlessly through the seasons. 

Crisp tailored linen trousers

The best linen pants blend a flawless fit with attention to detail and classic silhouettes. The Thalia Linen Trouser delivers on every level and will be a weekly staple. Its subtle front pleats and relaxed straight-leg style look utterly high-end without the exorbitant price tag.

Playing on classic suiting shapes, the Thalia Linen Trouser, with its precise lines and premium fabric, will make you feel as elegant as an Old Hollywood actress. Discover it in neutral colourways —black, khaki and beige—that flourish for all-season wear and almost any event.

For the office 

Tailored linen pants are a stylish and reliable choice for business. Their cut gives plenty of structure that demands respect. Always finish with a sleek belt and tuck in your button-down shirt for even more polish. 

A crisp white linen top is one of those pieces that will never let you down for the office. You can personalise the classic look with fashion-forward details. Elements like long cuffs, statement-making collars, contrasting buttons and subtle pinstripe prints give this tried-and-tested formula an original spirit.

Or pair our immaculate Thalia Linen Trouser with a short-sleeved turtleneck top that exudes the ultimate professionalism and will make you feel poised and ready for every challenge. Complete the smart outfit with pointed ballet flats or leather mules that will have you walking through the office with an extra boost of confidence.

For the weekend

Tailored trousers aren't the obvious choice for weekend dressing, but they give many benefits. Thanks to how polished they naturally are, you can style them with almost anything, and you'll still look put-together.

Cut from breathable linen, they'll make running around on your days off a sweat-free, blissful experience. Just picture how stunning these linen pants would look with a casual sneaker and a basic t-shirt.

The most sophisticated get-ups are those that celebrate opposites. Pair the masculine structure of the tailored linen trousers with a ruffled top or flowy blouse in a vivid colour that instantly boosts the mood and makes you look radiant—ideal for lunch with the girlfriends. 

How to look good in linen pants?

The best linen pants do the hard work for you, but there are a few styling tips that can help ensure an effortlessly elegant aesthetic. 

  • Play with contrasts: balance the proportions of your outfit to achieve a fashion-forward look. Linen pants in billowing, relaxed shapes combine prettily with form-fitting tops while tailored bottoms accentuate the beauty of feminine blouses.
  • The right accessories are gold:for more formal situations, adding a leather belt and tucking a shirt into your linen pants will make an immense difference. 
  • Keep your linens in top condition: show off your linen pieces in their best light by keeping them crisp and clean with a washing machine and iron. Read our tips and tricks for ironing linen clothes to guarantee a refined look and impress, especially in the workplace.
  • Undergarments are important: the lightweight nature of linen pants can make them more sheer, so be careful when it comes to undergarments. Skin-coloured, seamless options will help give you an elegant look. 

Conclusion: The Best Linen Pants For Elevated Spring/Summer Dressing 

The best linen pants are a core part of any Spring/Summer wardrobe. Their airy fabric and elegant silhouettes carry you through the sunny weather in style. 

When selecting the best linen pants for your collection, keep these elements in mind:

  • Celebrate neutrals: choose linen pants in light, effervescence shades like cream, khaki and navy. These are neutrals with plenty of staying power and versatility that flourish in the warmer months yet can work all year round.
  • Check the quality of the linen: pure organic linen is the most prestigious. These linens will be irresistibly smooth and soft to the touch. Check the garment tag of your linen pants for all the details. It also helps to look at the fabric's weave – it should be uniform and well-structured.
  • Simple shapes are the most versatile: classic-shaped pants will give you the most possible wear and suit almost every occasion. Wide leg styles are on trend and deliver a more dramatic look, while relaxed, straight leg styles feel and look divine.