Ready to stun in the office? Here’s how to wear linen pants for work to look smart and polished.

Need to ask your boss to sign off on your upcoming holiday again? Sadly, they don’t understand a European summer is essential to your productivity.

Our edit of irresistible linen pants will give you the confidence, class and charisma to march into that office and come out with what you came for — much-deserved time off. You already have the 3 c’s inside of you. These pants just help bring them out.

We’ve veered off the crowded path of traditional workwear outfits for looks that are more unique and fashion-forward but still oozing with professionalism. 

Everyone knows that looking good is a big part of feeling confident in the office. So we hope by showing you how to wear linen pants for work the style-savvy way, you’ll feel so self-assured and poised you’ll be waking up as soon as your alarm goes off, excited to get to work and show off your outfit.

And hopefully, it will help you kick some major career goals while you’re at it. Linen pants are just that powerful.

Why Are Linen Pants Perfect For The Office?

We’ve already blabbed on and on about why we love linen so much in our other blogs. But this luxe fabric, as well as needing less water in its production process, is also perfect for workwear. Here’s why:

  • easy to move in

Well-cut linen trousers deliver such a breezy, easy fit you’ll be flying through floors, running up stairs, all with the gracefulness and poise of a 90s supermodel. There’s no worrying about how you’re sitting. You’ll be able to bend, stretch and run to the coffee machine with complete ease. So whenever you know you’re day includes plenty of legwork, choose to wear linen pants. They’re much less restrictive than other workwear staples. 

  • breathable

Multi-skilled and multi-talented, there’s not much linen can’t do. Not only an environmentally-friendly textile, linen is also super-breathable. Feel fresh and cool at the end of the workday, even if the air cons broken by going with natural linen pants. 

  • can hide the shoes you’re wearing

If you want to ditch the heels and go for a comfier sneaker, linen pants will keep it a secret between just you and them. Make sure they’re of the longer variety, and they’ll hide any shoes you’re wearing.

  • dressier substitute for jeans

Most of us can’t wear jeans in the office unless it’s a Friday. But, sometimes, we yearn for their cosiness. Linen pants are a more refined alternative to jeans. Especially if you opt for heavyweight linen, it can replace denim easily in the cooler months. Soft, forgiving and easy to pull on, linen pants are office-approved while still keeping you comfortable.

  • simple to style

Quietly elegant, linen pants are the chameleon of the clothing world. Pair them with almost any traditional office attire, and you’ll look stunning. Often, they come in neutral colours like whites, creams and sandy browns that play nicely with others.

Top Tips: How To Wear Linen Pants For Work

These are our top tips for how to wear linen pants for work to always look like the most professional version of you.

  1. choose a fitted top

Tailored elements usually make an outfit feel more formal. Try to wear at least one item that is more fitted. 

  1. pair with workwear staples

Need a tick of approval from HR? Style your linen pants with at least one traditional workwear essential, like a blazer or white button-down shirt. Luckily both pair delightfully with linen pants.

  1. choose neutral colours

For professional settings, you can’t lose with black or white colours. So guarantee you look smart by choosing linen pants in these tones. For those with more freedom in their workplace uniform, neutrals like cream, light brown, and khaki are also perfect options. 

  1. accessorize

Dainty gold jewellery, glossy black pumps and a black leather top handle bag. These are the dictionary definition of professional workwear. Adding them to your repertoire will enhance any outfit.

  1. add a belt

Style your linen pants with a sleek minimal belt, or tuck your tops into them. You’ll instantly look more polished, refined and ready for a promotion. 

  1. keep them wrinkle-free

Even though we may have just rolled out of bed, we don’t want our linen to look like that in the office. A steamer is a quick and fuss-free way to keep your pants looking crisp. For more tips, read our blog on how to keep linen from wrinkling.

OUTFIT IDEAS: How To Wear Linen Pants For Work

Balloon Hem Linen Trousers + Ballet Flats + Sleek Top

Got a day of back-to-back meetings on the schedule? This is the outfit that will add an extra spring to your step without the help of coffee. 

Our balloon hemline Chapitre Linen Pants, splashed with our on-trend sage green colourway, make a unique workwear statement that looks oh-so-chic but different from anything else. Their relaxed fit and drawstring waist is a lifesaver when you’re spending long days sitting at a desk but still look ultra flattering.

The draped cuffs call to be paired with ballet flats, a perfect blend of comfort and chic. To balance out the billowing shape, style with a sleek fitted top and glide through all your responsibilities. Keep it consistent and elegant by matching the colour of your shoes with the fitted top. Black is always a winner.

For more formal occasions, you could always swap out the tee for a matching green linen shirt. Tuck it into your pants for maximum polish.

Oversized Blazer + Culotte Linen Pants + Simple Tee + Loafers

You’ll be dying to show off this outfit to your work pals. An oversized blazer is an obvious classic whenever you’re trying to look smart. Make it more original by choosing blazers with intriguing patterns, like a check or pinstripe.

We would couple sandy-hued linen culottes with a brown-toned blazer for a rich, earthy twist on the office uniform. The blazer is the star of this look, so keep it simple underneath with any fitted tee you can find in your wardrobe or your friends.

Printer jammed again? In this ensemble, nothing will be able to get you down. Finish the look off with loafers, the go-to shoe of every modern style setter.

Tailored Linen Trousers + Striped Tee + Belt + Leather Slides

This one’s for our more casual offices. Picture how effortlessly confident you’ll feel in tailored linen trousers with a striped tee and leather slides. Even if you’ve forgotten you’re lunch at home — that you were painstakingly prepping the night before — nothing can ruin your sunshine mood.

You’ve never seen linen more crisp and refined than our new Pioggia Linen Trousers, which make us lightheaded with admiration. Be wary. Wear only when you want to really impress. Their tailored cut makes them polished enough for even your most nerve-wracking meetings.

Not the obvious choice, but a striped tee is all things French and chic enough for a more relaxed workplace. Complete the look with a brown leather skinny belt that will look stunning with the grey-blue colourway. 

Rather be in Italy than at the office? Us too. But this outfit definitely is a mood booster. A stunner for after-work drinks too. Plus, you could always dress it up with a classic stiletto heel. 



Flowy Linen Pants + Silk Blouse + Lightweight Trench Coat

Is someone eating a tuna sandwich at their desk? The audacity. This linen look will help bring you back to life.

Remember, we’re thinking out of the box when it comes to office dressing. Flowy white linen pants combined with a fitted silk blouse and lightweight trench coat may not be conventional, but they are elegant. Stick to the same tones for each piece of clothing to make it professional.

An all-white ensemble or neutral sandy tones always work. You’ll be looking so stylish and graceful that you’re boss will be asking, “Are we paying you too much?”. No, the answer is always no.

What shoes to wear with your linen pants? Strappy flat sandals would look gorgeous.

linen pants for work

linen pants for work

Conclusion: How To Wear Linen Pants For Work

Have you heard? Linen pants are superstars in the office. When in doubt, stick to tailored, belted versions and save the palazzo styles for living the good life away from the office and an overflowing inbox.

Here are our top tips on how to wear linen pants for work:

  • Get steaming. Keeping your linen pants crisp and wrinkle-free will be a big help in creating a professional office look.
  • Style with at least one tailored piece. To balance out the more relaxed silhouettes typical of most linen pants, pair them with fitted tops.
  • A belt is the finishing touch. Class up any outfit by looping a belt through your linen trousers. Or tuck a shirt into your pants and look totally office appropriate.