Discover our edit of linen dresses for women. With these versatile stunners and a handful of styling tips, you'll be gliding effortlessly through the seasons with the same wardrobe.

Don't look.

We're wearing sunglasses on a gloomy, sunshine-less day and slipping into a pair of leather sandals, even if it turns our feet blue.

Basically, we tend to forego any weather rules and stick to wearing whatever makes us feel best. Whatever the season.

Even though there's nothing better for summer than crisp linen dresses, we'll show you how versatile this style is all year round. Truly seasonless.

Usually, we're all about seasoning more, not less. Generous with the pepper, double the chilli and extra the flavour. Especially when it comes to our spicy margarita order.

But when it comes to transitioning through the seasons fashionably without having to store shoes in the oven and convert your guest bedroom into a second closet, it's all about ultra-versatile pieces that can do it all.

Summer, winter and everything in between these are the superstars of the linen world, although they're still not self-cleaning. Free business idea? 

Are you an optimist? So are we. Here's how you can take a stunning selection of linen dresses for women and turn them into pieces you'll be wearing rain, hail and shine. Here's to hoping there's plenty of shine. 

linen dresses for women

Maxi Linen Dress

Versatility alert: our white maxi dress is here. Lock up your credit card. This one's hard to resist.

Love the feeling of being out on a yacht all day? We wouldn't know. But can guess from the countless people on the 'gram we see on one that it's very cooling — just like linen.

Yes, maxi linen dresses for women are a must-have for summer. Not ground-breaking at all. But you know something that is? Adding layers to a maxi dress and wearing it for the cooler temps.

Styling for cooler weather

Are you wrapped in a blanket and consider it appropriate attire? Or counting down the days you'll get to escape the doom and gloom for Europe? Yep, winter's here.

It must be some kind of law of physics that the bigger your closet, the more you end up wearing the same puffer and leggings combo all winter long. We're here to help.

Most of the time, we like to stay within a 1m distance of our heater — separation anxiety. But our white maxi dress will make leaving exciting.

Simply layer it with a cream-toned cardigan to make it winter-ready and see your confidence and body temperature rise. Go for a cropped style for an extra flattering look.

Browns and whites are magic together. So pair the maxi with brown coloured shoes, like a loafer and then use the sidewalk as your very own catwalk. For those really chilly days, wear tights underneath the dress. They won't even be visible.

linen dresses for women

Styling for warmer weather

If anytime you walk from the shops to your car, you feel like you're at a hot pilates class, you guessed it, welcome to summer. How will you survive when the AC's broken? Our white linen maxi, of course.

Picture a day at a fabulous winery. Or a pasta-making class in Italy. Our linen maxi dress will impress and create a stir all on its own. If needed, pair with flat sandals and dainty gold jewellery. Now you're ready for pictures.

linen dresses for women

Mini Linen Dress

The 60s are calling with a cute linen mini dress that'll add an extra pep to your step whenever you're wearing it.

We're obsessed with how flattering it is. Your legs will look just as long as your to-do list on a Monday morning, a.k.a. looooong.

linen dresses for women

Styling for the winter months

Ready to leave the safety of your couch and fireplace? Our linen mini dress will deliver plenty of heat and have you home in bed before 10 pm.

Take advantage of the mini length and celebrate your legs with a pair of thigh-high boots. Wouldn't black ones look stunning? Then, match with a black turtleneck underneath the dress, and you'll be a modern-day Twiggy in seconds. 

Or transform the mini dress into a tunic for the chilly weather. Style with your comfiest pair of wide-leg jeans and feel super-confident, as you should. 

Can't get enough of wearing linen all year round? Our blog on how to wear linen in winter is packed with easy styling tips.

Styling for the summer months

I spy a summer lifesaver, and it's a linen mini. The classic shape looks fab and will keep you cool as you pound the pavement and get things done while everyone else is on holiday.

The short length is screaming out for a pair of statement-making strappy sandals. Or just go for easy flat leather slides to change it up. Need protection from the sun? Wear your mini with an unbuttoned white linen shirt for equal doses of safety and fashion.

linen dresses for women

Linen Wrap Dress

Our white wrap dress is a classic beauty, whose white colour is the perfect blank canvas to do with whatever you like. You can dress it up, down or add layers. Whatever you choose to do, you'll look like a goddess.

Imagine floating through life, getting dressed by chirping birds and exuding the ultimate Zen vibes. Every day you wake up, you jump out of bed and never skip a workout. A girl can dream.

Our white wrap dress says you're poised, calm, and got your life together. Even if you're one email away from a breakdown. It feels as soft as a robe and is the closest you'll get to the coziness of bed. 

Styling for the cooler months

We've got a secret to tell you. Fitted long-sleeve tops are the key to layering for the winter. And they don't even have to be very thick. Just make sure they're fitted to the body so that no cold air can enter. They're the difference between frostbite and cosiness.

Layer a white fitted tee under this dress for a seamless look. Pair with sneakers for warm feet and a chic outfit perfect for on the go.

A beautiful white cashmere sweater works wonders. It'll look like you're wearing an effortlessly elegant sweater and skirt combo. But really, you've got the upper part of the dress giving you an extra layer of warmth.

linen dresses for women

Styling for the warmer months

Do you know how many styling rules we have for this white wrap dress? Zero. It's a star all on its own. OK, maybe put on shoes if you're driving? And an anklet wouldn't hurt the carefree boho vibes you'll be exuding. 

Hitting the town? And by that, we mean dinner with your girlfriends where you'll have 2 drinks maximum. Then, class up the dress with oversized earrings or a big jewelled necklace. The white dress lets you go really bright with the accessories without looking like you're in costume.

Black Linen Dress

Do you march to the beat of your own drum? But, then, like us, fall for every new fad, succumb to peer pressure and buy yourself a Stanley Cup?

Sometimes, it pays to go with the crowd. And a classic black linen dress is a classic for a reason. It looks equally as good at the office as it does at an outdoor picnic or a dinner party. 

Check out ways to style this stunnner for the every day with our blog on how to wear midi linen dresses.

black linen dress for women

Styling for winter

Help is here for when it starts getting dark at 5 pm, and it takes lots of willpower to wear something other than sweats.

Outfit repeater, you can hear people whisper under their breath as you walk past in the same comfy set you've been wearing since the beginning of winter. In walks our black linen dress to save the day.

Style it with a black leather jacket and turn heads. Or team it with a sleek blazer and stun at the office. For your days off (we hope there are many), wear a black knitted sweater and sneakers. The tailored waist of the dress makes any other layers look ultra-flattering.

Conclusion: How to wear linen dresses for women whatever the season

Linen dresses for women on the go are a fashion blessing. Not only are they the quickest way to look effortlessly elegant, but they're also the definition of versatility. See our top tips on how to style them for every season.

  • Stick to neutral colours – neutrals are seasonless. They don't pick sides and cheer for everyone, even the umpires. White and black are the most timeless of the bunch and look modern all year round.
  • Layering with fitted tops – dressing for warmth doesn't mean layers and layers of fabric where you can't even move. Choosing pieces fitted to the body and made from natural materials will make a big difference to your body temperature. 
  • Pick appropriate footwear – keeping your feet warm is a big part of keeping your body warm. So sometimes all you need is to pair your favourite linen dress with socks & shoes.