Explore our summer linen dresses that will be the favourites in your closet year after year.

Summer and linen go way back.

Linen is the darling of the fashionable jet-setters that hit the French Riviera every Summertime. Usually, making a sparkling appearance in the form of a matching set or linen jumpsuit. It is the fabric of choice for the royals during the balmier months and a mainstay of the Wimbledon crowd

Linen's renaissance shows no signs of slowing down. In the last few seasons, linen has appeared on the runway 49% of the time, showcased by big name designers like Dior and Fendi.

It has been at the top of the cultural radar ever since Meryl Streep donned an all-white linen look to escape the heat in Out of Africa and win the heart of linen enthusiast and leading man Robert Redford.

A wonderful summer awaits full of adventure, effortless elegance, and hopefully a few Redfords with our selection of summer linen dresses. These are breathable, lightweight, antimicrobial and will have you looking like your most sophisticated self with little effort.

We have specially picked ensembles that are versatile and wearable. They work as hard as your coffee machine in the mornings. Just like you are the chauffeur, chef, therapist and a zillion other things in your house, these linen dresses can do it all. They will be your go-to's for work, days off and getting together with friends.

Linen Slip Dress

Classic combinations will never let you down. Just like floral prints work wonders for spring, an airy linen slip dress is a winner for warmer temperatures.

Ours just launched in a rich, earthy espresso colourway to remind us of our favourite things: coffee and chocolate. Contemporary and modern, it will make your skin look practically glowing and effortlessly combine with leather accessories.

Smarten it up for the office by wearing a silky blouse over the top. The shiny finish of silk somehow makes everything seem more professional. Bonus points if it is in a similar brown tone. Or pair it with a lightweight linen blazer and feel ready for whatever your day throws at you. Hopefully, it is a gluten-free, vegan blueberry muffin that tastes like heaven.

For more office-ready outfits, explore our blog on how to wear linen pants for work.

How to style for days off

This dress pulls off the effortlessly chic style so well. Because it is effortless. It takes almost no work to make it look elegant. Simply slip it on, check for any stains, and you can be out the door in minutes. Wearing shoes is recommended but not compulsory.

With its relaxed cut, this dress is incredibly comfortable to wear while on the move. We recommend tying the adjustable straps into statement-making bows for an elegant look. Team with a textured clutch bag or canvas tote and your comfiest pair of slides to nail off-duty dressing.

Linen Maxi Dress

Getting dressed for the office in the Summertime can sometimes induce more panic than the actual work. Do not tell our boss.

From having to dress for the commute, the office and impossible deadlines, it is a tricky balance. But seeing as how most of us can carry a protein shake, coffee cup, blazer and makeup bag to the car with only two hands. We can manage.

Mornings just got a whole lot simpler with our linen maxi dress, a true workwear essential. Her performance review says she is refined, sophisticated and comfortable, which is about all you need from a dress.

Its maxi length, subtle puff sleeves and A-line silhouette will keep HR happy with its office-appropriate look while still delivering copious amounts of chic that will have you feeling elegant and in your full feminine power.

Dresses in themselves are fabulous because there is minimal styling involved to look put together. For days when the AC is turned right up, you can add a cropped jacket or knitted cardigan for added warmth. Finish off with high-heeled pumps in navy or cream to complement the dress and polish up your outfit.

summer linen dresses

How to style for days off

The graceful slip-on and slip-off design makes it a must-wear for days off. It pairs perfectly with an alfresco lunch by the beach or a dinner party. Now you know what we are up to this weekend.

There is something about this dress that reminds us of Brigitte Bardot. We imagine her pottering around in her garden, speaking in hushed tones to her roses. To keep the story going, style with a woven straw bag and hat with nonchalant makeup and a few "je ne sais quois". 

The understated French Stripe print is dying to be paired with navy accessories, like a silk scarf tied around the neck or blue-coloured sandals. A brown, thin leather belt will do wonders to accentuate the waist and give a contemporary edge to the dress.

Linen Wrap Dress

One minute, you are sitting at your desk, and the next, you are on the Amalfi coast. That is the beauty of a linen wrap dress. It radiates easy elegance.

This is one of those summer linen dresses you will be finding a reason to wear again and again. Its smart wrap design looks absolutely flattering on every body type and looks effortlessly feminine.

Pair with heels and an oversized blazer for the office. Perfect for looking confident while working. Even more so if that includes gossiping with your co-workers at the printer.

The wrap dress has been enchanting the fashion crowd for decades and decades. How iconic is it? It is on display at arguably the world's most famous museum, the Met.

summer linen dresses 11

How to style for days off

A linen wrap dress comes with a perfect day free of any panic. Just like a day off should be. How light and cooling the linen will feel on your skin is a true miracle and will leave you feeling fresh on even the most humid days.

The navy colourway looks sophisticated paired with slides and a sun hat. Now your brunch outfit and beach day look are sorted. All that is left to do is clear your schedule, turn off your guilty conscience, go out, and have some fun.

summer linen dresses 7

Linen Midi Dress

So poised and elegant, you can waltz right onto a ballet stage with this dress as easily as you can take it for a walk to your local coffee shop. However busy your day or low your confidence, this ensemble is an instant pick-me-up.

Plenty of time and care has been put into the fit of this linen midi dress, so it looks flattering on the body, but it still has an effortless feeling with its softly draped skirt. The versatile cream colourway injects freshness into your look and will never go out of style.

To impress at work, you can style the dress with workwear essentials like a white linen button-down shirt or layer with a thinly knitted sweater. Finishing off with ballet flats is a must.

summer linen dresses 10

How to style for days off

We like to turn our brains off on the weekends. That is why we love summer linen dresses that need no effort or thinking to look elegant. You can even pair this one with a trusty pair of thongs or slides and still feel beautiful.

This dress's special stretchy cotton linen blend fabric accentuates your waistline without constricting, so you can still feel relaxed but have an extra sway in your step because of how good you look.

See how chic this dress looks in the wild, in the photographs from our how to host an unforgettable party blog.

Statement Linen Wrap Dress

Awash in an endorphin-fuelled, exuberant orange tone, you will be shining even in the shade with our gorgeous linen wrap dress. Perfect for looking sharp at both work and after-work drinks.

Its unique halterneck design beautifully shows off your collarbones and shoulders. While the wrap design elongates the silhouette and allows you to adjust the waistline as tight or loose as you like. Loose after lunch, for us.

The orange tone of this dress loves blacks, whites and brown tones. Accessorise with those, and you cannot lose. To impress at a meeting, pair with a polished black blazer and loafers, and hope your boss does not start talking about budgets.

summer linen dresses 2

How to style for days off

Days off should include strolls by the beach, BBQs outside and this orange number to make you feel relaxed and elegant. 

The orange tone complements effortlessly with both silver and gold, making it the perfect dress to glam up with your favourite jewellery pieces. As for the feet? Barely-there sandals, slides and sneakers would all look chic.


These are the best 5 summer linen dresses to add to your wardrobe. What is these dresses' best achievement? They need almost no styling. Once you have a dazzling dress, your outfit is sorted. We all have enough tasks to do in one day and do not need to add another one.

Because of their longer hemlines, they are ideal for even the strictest of office dress codes. But the linen fabric still keeps you fresh and cool without having to worry about sweat marks.

  • Slip linen dress: the breezy design of a slip dress makes it a summer essential. You can easily layer it by styling it with an unbuttoned shirt.
  • Wrap linen dress: a wardrobe classic that highlights your best features in an easy-wear style. Team it with an oversized blazer for work and slides for the weekend.
  • Linen midi dress: effortlessly elegant, a linen midi is the definition of versatility. Pair it with heels and jewellery for smarter occasions and slides for the weekend.